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Incubator 2.0: A Silicon Valley Success Story

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A Silicon Valley Success Story (and a plug for

Now that the fbFund REV social incubator program has wrapped up, i thought i’d post some slides from a talk i’ve been doing recently. The talk is about our experience at fbFund REV, and about incubator programs in general, as well as some lessons learned from what worked (& what didn’t).
We were very fortunate to have people speak at fbFund REV who’ve been involved in other successful incubators Paul Graham and Jessica Livingston ofY Combinator, and Brad Feld who works with David Cohen at TechStars. Along with our other mentors, i’d like to thank them personally for their leadership & guidance in helping us come up with best practices for REV that i believe led to our greater success. And best of luck to both YC & TechStars companies as well as fbFund REV!

At the end of the presentation i’ve also included some info on, and how important i think immigration is to the success of silicon valley (and the US, and the entire world). We had several fbFund companies with people from outside the US, including the “Greek geeks” atGameyola, folks from Kenya at Samasource, South Koreans at Funji, an Iraqi at Networked Blogs, and the Swiss/New Zealander team at WildFireApp. We also had invited a company called Cmune in Beijing to join our fbFund program, but unfortunately they weren’t able to attend. (i’m sure i’m forgetting several more too!)

Techcrunch Trends recently did a post about how startups are correlated with [legal] immigration, and i recently had the opportunity to spend time on our GeeksOnaPlane tour with Eric Diep, a young entrepreneur from Toronto who was the creator of the original Quizzes Facebook app. Eric is a Canadian citizen who’s faced a number of challenges in trying to get a visa to come to the US to run his startup business. At the end of the slides i appended a video interview of Eric Diep and Eric Ries, another successful tech entrepreneur. I believe they both make a compelling case for improving US policy on entrepreneur immigration, and i hope you’ll support our efforts by tweeting your support at

With no further ado, here’s the presentation:

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Brazil Consumer Electronic Expo

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Vai acontecer em São Paulo, de 16/08/2011 a 18/08/2011 a Brazil Consumer Eletronic Expo, em São Paulo…. Uma excelente oportunidade para verificar tendências e fechar acordos com fabricantes de eletronicos (principalmente chineses), sem sair do brazil.

Sobre o Evento
A BCEE será uma vitrine promissora para a realização de negócios, observação das tendências, aprendizado da convergência digital e dos benefícios da eletrônica verde a todos os profissionais que vierem em busca de atualização, soluções e produtos. O evento nasce representado pelas maiores empresas e marcas do mundo, produtoras de tecnologia de eletrônica de consumo, informática, entretenimento e integradoras.

Produtos e Serviços
Tecnologias emergentes – Games – Eletroeletrônicos – Imagem digital – PCs – Notebooks – Gadgets – Casa inteligente – Eletrônica verde – Wireless – Desenvolvedores de conteúdos – Literatura – Serviços

Perfil do Visitante
Redes de varejo – Magazines – Super e Hiper mercados – Atacadistas – Lojistas – Importadores e exportadores – Distribuidores – Home centers – Integradores – Mercado corporativo

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Frase do dia

“Nada é bastante para quem considera pouco o suficiente.”


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Kiwi! Perseguindo e morrendo por um sonho

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