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FreeRange story – Conquering Clutter: Don’t organize what you can discard

Do not organize what you can discard

FreeRange user wanted you to see this:

“Conquering Clutter: Don’t organize what you can discard”

If you’re an organized pack rat who still ends up overwhelmed by all your stuff, productivity guru Merlin Mann suggests integrating the following maxim into your war on clutter: “Never “organize” what you can discard.”

The post distinguishes between when an item needs organized and when organizing an item�especially an item that you could just as easily do without�results in what Mann calls “illusory shuffling.” As a pack rat who goes on organizational bursts but still rarely feels like I’ve accomplished much, the adoption of this idea�however difficult�makes a lot of sense. And Mann is right; after 5 years without a landline, why do I need to organize my 5 or so telephone cords?
My War on Clutter: Never “organize” what you can discard [43 Folders]


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