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Manage money like a gambler


Personal-finance site Get Rich Slowly doles out a few money-management tips from a professional gambler. The upshot? Small things add up.

As a gambler, I would implement changes to my playing habits. Each alteration might only increase my payout by .05%, but each .05% pushed me closer to the promised land of 101%. When I understood this concept, I realized that life is the same way. Either your spending habits are building your wealth or bleeding it–just like gambling.

The author’s real-world examples aren’t exactly revolutionary–use the ATM monthly instead of weekly to save on fees, that kind of thing–but overall it’s an interesting read. While you’re at it, check out these financial-security tips from Dilbert creator Scott Adams. Photo by waffler. — Rick Broida

Manage Your Finances Like a Professional Gambler: Small Things Add Up [Get Rich Slowly]

janeiro 4, 2007 - Posted by | Dicas, Dinheiro

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