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Manage money like a gambler


Personal-finance site Get Rich Slowly doles out a few money-management tips from a professional gambler. The upshot? Small things add up.

As a gambler, I would implement changes to my playing habits. Each alteration might only increase my payout by .05%, but each .05% pushed me closer to the promised land of 101%. When I understood this concept, I realized that life is the same way. Either your spending habits are building your wealth or bleeding it–just like gambling.

The author’s real-world examples aren’t exactly revolutionary–use the ATM monthly instead of weekly to save on fees, that kind of thing–but overall it’s an interesting read. While you’re at it, check out these financial-security tips from Dilbert creator Scott Adams. Photo by waffler. — Rick Broida

Manage Your Finances Like a Professional Gambler: Small Things Add Up [Get Rich Slowly]

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Small Business Funding Through Go Big Network

From: smbtrendwire / Anita Campbell Blog

Go Big Small Business FundingIf you are looking for funding for your startup business, or if you are an investor looking to find promising young businesses to invest in, then check out Go BIG Network’s Small Business Funding.

Wil Schroter, a successful Internet serial entrepreneur, and his team have created a site that brings together entrepreneurs who need funding, and investors with money to invest.

According to the site, here is how it works:

Members of Go BIG can either search profiles of other members and contact them or they can post a Request (like a classified ad) and let other members see what they are looking for. It’s pretty much that easy.

I have been experimenting off and on with Go BIG for a few months now. Once you set up an account, one of the things you can do is post a Request for funding. So let’s say you want to get an investment of $50,000 to expand your marketing and hire a sales representative. You would compose a Request, using the online form.

If you don’t want to post a specific Request — perhaps because for some reason you don’t want the world to know you are looking for funding — then you can search for a suitable investor. That way, you will be in charge. You can search for investors by specific criteria to make the task as efficient as possible. For instance, you can search by investment type, including angel investors, venture capital, private equity or investment banks. You also can limit your search to certain industries, or by dollar amount, or even by geographical area (since some investors only invest in businesses or ventures located in specific locations).

One of the features that caught my eye is the ability to research more information about an investor than the investor has included in its profile. Let’s say you search for an investor and zero in on a likely candidate. You can research the investor’s company background. Go BIG will actually go out and check a variety of public records and Internet sites, and retrieve information such as: corporation registrations; Better Business Bureau filings; U.S. and Canadian patent and trademark filings; general Google search results on the company; and more. This is a powerful service.

The site offers a lot more than simply bringing together startup entrepreneurs and investors. It also brings together those who are:

  • Service providers, with a product or service of interest to startup entrepreneurs — if you are willing to link back to Go BIG you can even get a free listing;
  • Job seekers looking for work in startups or small businesses — there’s even a “work for equity” category
  • Advisors seeking positions on Advisory Boards in young companies

My advice: go over to Go BIG Network’s Small Business Funding, and register for a free account. Explore it a bit. The site also offers paid membership levels, which will give you access to more features.

NOTE: This review is a paid review under the Review Me program. However, I was previously aware of the Go Big Network and had visited it a number of times, so it was easy for me to write this review.

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Comprehensive 2007 Trend Map

fonte: rossdawsonblog

Given it’s festive season now, it’s probably time for a bit of fun. and Future Exploration Network have collaborated in producing a map of major trends for 2007 and beyond, across ten segments: society & culture, government & politics, work & business, media & communications, science & technology, food & drink, medicine & well-being, financial services, retail & leisure, and transport & automotive. Click on the map below to get the full pdf.


Trend Blend 2007+ map

Inspired by the subway map for a well-known city, the map shows some of the major trends in each of these segments, as well as the key intersections between the trends. Have a browse through to see some of the more interesting trends in the landscape. And please don’t take it too seriously…

As with most of our content, this is released on a Attribution-ShareAlike Creative Commons license, so if you disagree with the trends we’ve chosen or think you can improve on the map, please take it and run with it!

Our clients will get a glossy pinup of the map, and if there’s enough demand we’ll release a T-shirt….

Fabulous festive season to all!

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